Asset Protection & Risk Management

Our affiliate firm, SimplePath Insurance & Tax Planning, LLC is a licensed insurance agency in the State of Florida and provides our clients with:

At SimplePath Insurance & Tax Planning, we believe that insurance can play an important part in your holistic financial plan. We also believe that you should have at least a portion of your assets principal protected from market loss, and very often a fixed annuity or cash value life insurance policy can be used for that purpose.

Asset Protection can take many forms. It could mean having an umbrella policy on your home. It could mean having money in an annuity to provide creditor protection. It could mean having the proper limits of liability on your auto or business. Or by simply having a well-suited Medicare policy could mean the difference between having your net worth preserved for your enjoyment, or simply being wiped out by an extended healthcare issue.

And although we may not provide all of these services directly, as holistic advisors we will look to identify any areas we believe there may be a potential risk that could require asset protection and will refer you to the proper professional to learn about your options. This could also include meeting with an estate planning attorney to properly draft documents that can also be part of your asset protection plan.

If you’ve ever wondered whether you should purchase life insurance for your loved ones, watch this video:

R E A D Y     T O    T A K E

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