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At SimplePath Retirement, we offer a wide range of financial planning and wealth management services focused on individuals who are either in, or planning for retirement. We pride ourselves on developing thorough, written retirement plans and micromanaging every aspect of your retirement, so that you can have confidence knowing that your assets are well-positioned to match your personal goals and aspirations.

Our proprietary SimplePath Roadmap® process is designed to help our clients achieve simplicity and confidence during their retirement years. It’s focused around 5 key areas of your current financial life.


We’ll evaluate your current and future income & expenses to ensure they’re sustainable for your life. Next, we’ll ensure that we’ve maximized your Social Security, pension options & decisions, plan for a pre-mature death of a spouse, inflation, & other considerations critical for your income plan.
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Depending on your risk tolerance, time horizon, and objectives, we’ll help build a portfolio that is personalized to you. There are no cookie cutter models here. We can offer a universe of portfolio strategies and investment vehicles to create cost-efficient and high-quality portfolios for our clients.
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We will work with yourself and your tax preparer in order to develop strategies to minimize the taxes you pay during your lifetime, as well as when passing on your wealth to the next generation. This can often be accomplished through both tax diversification and effective tax management within your investments.
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Understanding the healthcare system can be overwhelming. Whether you are trying to retire before Medicare begins, you’re already receiving Medicare, or are concerned about the high costs of Long-Term Care, we take the time to ensure that you know your options, and create a plan that matches your health and budget.
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Isn’t it time that you got your ducks in a row? By working collaboratively with local estate planning attorneys, we can help minimize potential issues arising in the event you become incapacitated or pass away prematurely. We can also help to maximize the amount that your loved ones could inherit, help you to control how the assets are distributed, and minimize the taxes that are paid.
Click to Download Our Guide: The Greatest Gift: Outline Your Wishes with an Estate Plan

Get started on your retirement roadmap journey and work toward having the retirement you’ve always dreamed up!

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