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After losing her dad to Alzheimer’s and watching her mom, a self-made businesswoman, lose everything to a nursing home, Celine (Breslin) Pastore made it her life’s purpose, as a fiduciary and financial advocate, to help protect families from the common pitfalls of money, life, and business.

As a woman business owner herself, and mother of two, Celine understands what it means to work hard, put others needs before her own, and to always somehow be able to pull it all together. She understands many of the financial challenges that many people face today, both from her own experiences, as well as the experiences of her family. She brings a lifetime of know-how to her clients, which can be priceless as both a leader and a servant.

Celine J. Pastore, is the youngest of five children raised in an Irish Catholic family from Long Island, New York. She enjoys nothing more than to share her wisdom and understanding in order to help guide women, professionals, and affluent families to-and-through their retirement. Celine believes that everyone needs and deserves to be comfortable and confident by being financially independent—and she is determined to best help you get there.

Celine is the Founder and Principal of SimplePath Wealth Management, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisory firm with the State of Florida. She additionally owns and operates SimplePath Insurance & Tax Planning LLC, an insurance agency in the State of Florida. Both firms are owned 100% by, and do business collectively as SimplePath Retirement, LLC. Celine additionally owns and operates Women’s Wealth Advisor, a d/b/a of SimplePath Retirement, LLC, which focuses on educating women on financial matters.

Celine understands that money does not have to be a dirty word, nor does it have to be complicated to understand and manage. You should know what you have, how it works, and what it does for you. She prides herself in making this often-complex subject into a simple, easy to understand and implement process.

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