What Makes Us Different

Holistic, Boutique-Style Advisory Firm

We offer many of the resources of the large firms, with the personal attention of a boutique firm. We are fortunate to provide our clients with access to a variety of portfolio managers while also providing them choices in the management style and level of customization and pricing for their investments.

Before choosing a financial partner to help grow and protect your wealth, it’s crucial to learn the differences between the various types of advisors so you can choose the approach that best fits you and your family.

As an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), SimplePath Wealth Management is held to a fiduciary standard and has the freedom to offer unbiased advice without many of the potential conflicts of interest often present within the current system of the large broker dealers.

We don’t answer to corporate management or shareholders. We answer to YOU!

Wire Houses & Banks vs. Independent Registered Investment Advisors

  1. Banks & Broker-Dealers: An intermediary of investment transactions who buys and sells investments on your behalf.

  2. RIA: An investment advisor who provides guidance on the best products and solutions that align with your preferences, objectives, and values. The primary differences between broker-dealers and RIAs lie in two areas: their level of fiduciary responsibility (i.e. putting the client’s interests first) and their fee structure. 

Top 5 Differences Between Traditional Banks & Broker-Dealers versus Independent Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) Firms:

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