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We know that you have worked hard to build what you have saved. Isn’t it time to work with a team who is going to work as hard to help you protect and grow it?

Our 5 Areas of Financial Planning including:

  • Income Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Healthcare Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Legacy Planning

Our Planning Philosophy

Our philosophy, just like our name, is Simple. Don’t risk the money you need to live on. Have 6 months of emergency cash reserves on hand at all times. Diversify, diversify, and diversify again! Have lots of different eggs, and lots of different baskets.

The real risks in life are usually those that cannot be anticipated. No one plan, strategy, or money manager (even if it’s yourself) will likely be successful in all environments and in all situations. No one knows what the future may bring. No one person or investment team knows all the answers. A team approach, with various perspectives and levels of knowledge and experience, is usually the best strategy. Retirement is like a river. You can only see so far ahead. Have a plan that is flexible enough to maneuver the changes along the way and have options!

Reaching The Summit

Reaching The Summit

Retirement planning can be analogous to climbing a mountain and reaching the summit. When you first set out on your journey, your main objective is to reach the summit. In retirement however, once you reach the peak it quickly becomes apparent that the real objective is completing the journey safely. For a retiree, that often means being able to enjoy their retirement without running out of money. It can also mean keeping more by giving less away in taxes, healthcare, legal costs, or inflation. We call this “getting down the mountain safety.”

Planning Calculators

R E A D Y     T O    T A K E

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